Programme 2018


Get To Know
Your Future Customers

Let’s take time to (re)discover Customers! Who are they? What are their purchasing habits? In what environment are they moving? What are their expectations? What does their buying journey look like? To answer customers’ needs and ensure the success of your strategy, get to know your customers by heart.


Think Better,
Act Closer

From artificial intelligence to digital and physical commerce, find out how to meet customers’ aspirations. What are the new challenges to face? How to best target your audience whatever the country and the chosen contact method? What will the future of retail and e-commerce look like? Explore innovative actions driven by tomorrow’s technologies to target the customers at the right time and in the right place.



Go Beyond
Your Achievements

Going beyond, bouncing back, moving on, getting back up… many circumstances that lots of merchants face on a daily basis. Discover how key players in the market have succeeded with winning strategies, innovative technologies and by creating added value. What are the keys to satisfy your clients? What experience feedback can be made? How much return on investment to expect?